Hello Folks!  Thanks again to all my Boise and Meridian customers who tune in and read my blogs.  I will always update blog periodically and I hope these are helpful.    Today I want to talk about techniques for getting the most from your dishwasher.

Clean dishes starts with the basics – good detergent.  There are many dishwasher detergents on the markets today and some get very high marks for cleaning.    My recommendation is to choose dishwasher detergent pods.  The pods contain a measured amount of detergent for the most efficient cleaning.  I recommend Finish and Cascade.

Heated Dry
if the wet dishes are left inside the dishwasher to “air dry” you may start to see mold buildup on the inside of the tub.  You may also start to smell a bad odor.  For this reason I don’t recommend using this.  The phrase “air dry” suggests something that it’s not.  There is very little air circulation in the tub to dry the dishes.  It is a good idea to always use “heated dry” to properly dry the dishes and prevent bacteria and mold.

Heated Wash
Most dishwashers have a Heated Wash function.  Using this is a good idea.  This ensures that the water temperature is high enough to properly dissolve and drain the fatty food residuals from the dishes.

Proper Water Drainage
All dishwashers should have a drain loop under the sink.  The drain hose should travel from the garbage disposal to near the underside of the counter-top for proper water drainage. Most of the time there is a hole drilled in the side of cabinet to achieve this loop.

Using the detergent dispenser
Detergent pods should always be placed inside the dispenser and not thrown in the bottom of tub.  We want the pods to dissolve during the Main wash cycle and not get flushed out of the dishwasher after the Pre-wash.