If you are not getting water to flow out your refrigerator dispenser nozzle this can be why.

When I see a water-dispense problem in the dispenser area of the refrigerator I usually find a bad water inlet valve or a bad actuator switch.  This is most common because the inlet valve is responsible for letting water flow out the nozzle.  The switching is responsible for sending a voltage to a control board or directly to the inlet valve – to turn it on.

On this particular Boise repair service call I found something way different then what I was expecting.  I verified the valve and switching were operating perfectly.  I disconnected the water line going into the refrigerator door, on bottom, and verified we had good water flow.  We did.  But, no water flow out the refrigerator’s dispenser nozzle.  There could be no mistake about this, water was being restricted inside of the door.  Buy why?  How?  We would soon find out.

I removed the door and pulled the refrigerator water tube out completely and found the water line kinked like you see in the picture.  The question I have and that I can’t fully understand is – How can water flow through that water tube for years, then out of the blue, form a kink.  You have to realize that the water tube is sealed inside the door and is not moving.  Well, here is the proof!  We replace the water line and now the refrigerator is working good.


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