Maytag Washing Machine Front-Load Neptune would not spin.  Water would enter the tub and fill but the tub would not rotate during the spin or agitate cycle.  Recently, the area had been flooded with water due to a water leak.

I think I have all the information I will need in order to start my troubleshooting task so let’s get to work!

 Step 1: Visually inspect the Motor Control circuit board.  II will get into the reasons for this later.  The first thing we want to do is remove power from washing machine.  Remove the power cord from the wall socket.  Remember that safety comes first.

 Step 2:  Remove the door.  Remove two Phillips head screws that are located on door hinge.  Gently lift the door upwards while pulling out to remove door and hinges.  This may be tricky but you will get it.  Be sure to hold the door firmly.


Step 3:  Remove the front panel by twisting the upper left and right panel and pulling outwards.  Rotate on the hinges.

Step 4:  Inspect the motor controller.  The washer motor controller should be located in the front right corner.  Inspect for burning or shorting.

Note:  The reason I chose to inspect the motor control board first is because I know that a flood over a few inches on the floor can reach the electronics.  Do you remember what the customer said about the flood?  It is kind of like being a detective.  Here are the results of our inspection:  you’ll see the burning around R17 of the Maytag Motor control board.  This concludes our diagnosis.

So, now the question is, do we repair or replace?  My advice, if this older Maytag Neptune washer is not too “used and abused” is to fix it.  Pay the money.  The older Maytag Neptune washer and dryers are solid and can last for years to come, with proper maintenance and operation, of course.  I would rather keep this Maytag washer then buy some of the newer models.  Sometimes even newer models need repair so you are not “out of the woods” by purchasing a new one.