Hello again, this is the owner of Western Boise Appliance Repair bringing to you more tips and tricks for appliances in the Boise region.  These short tips will hopefully bring some insight to you in your appliance repair endeavors.  Today we will discuss dishwasher maintenance and/or cleaning.

Dishwashers need maintenance and a little bit of tender loving care in order to keep cleaning your dishes for years to come.  These pictures show a dishwasher that hasn’t been maintained very well and the water circulation was blocked by debris such as toothpicks, popcorn, nuts, etc.  These items can wreak havoc on the dishwashers.  They are not chopped up but get inside the wash motor impeller and drain pumps and cause damage.  It is always a good Idea to removed hard items such as these from plates and bowls before placing them in the dishwasher.

Most dishwashers now have a filter that needs to be cleaned out often.  In these pictures the filter is not show very well but it is located right underneath the spray arm.  Your owners guide should point you in the right direction.  Regular cleaning is very important because when the filter is clogged it prevents the free flow of water which is needs to effectively pump out all of the dirty water.  Your dishwasher will have greasy and dirty deposits throughout its interior because of this.


Hope this helps and don’t forget to call Western for all or appliance repair needs!  Take care!