In the United States, one in three homes has a Kenmore appliance.  It is sold exclusively through Sears. They all carry the Energy Star seal.   No one knows where the name “Kenmore” originated.  It may have been a person’s name. the name of a town, or a street in Chicago.  Kenmore manufactures refrigerator’s, washers (front-load; top-load; stacked sets), dryers, dishwashers, ovens, garbage disposals, ranges, BBQ’s, trash compactors, and microwave ovens.  They are a division of Sears and were also known in the past as Coldspot.  They make appliances for your laundry, kitchen and backyard.  Small appliances made are blenders, food processors, mixers, coffee makers, coffee grinders and brewers, espresso makers, portable induction cook-tops, toasters, toaster ovens, slow cookers, fryers, combo grills, and vacuum sealers.  Kenmore has manufactured sunlamps, electric baby bottle sterilizers, and electric blankets.

Counter top appliance colors include black, white, orange, red, black, and stainless steel.   Washer/dryer colors are white, ginger, chili pepper.   Dishwasher colors:  stainless steel, silver mist, white, black, and bisque.  Refrigerator colors:  white, black, stainless steel, metallic, and bisque.  They have French door trio options and Grab ‘n Go Doors.

Laundry features include the Rugged Cycle; the Workout Cycle; Time Management Technology; Soft Heart Technology; and a triple action agitator.

Dishwasher features are Smart Display consoles; Elite drawers inside; Turbo-Zone rotating spray jets.

Refrigerator features have the Ultra Fresh Package with Micro-ban Antimicrobial Protection built-in.  They offer PURE Ultimate II filtration; Space Savers Ice Systems; Shaved Ice from front dispenser; Tilt & Take Freezers.

Ranges include Air-guard for odors while cooking; Turbo Boil cook tops.  Cook-tops have SensaCook heating elements and Turbo Boil.

Vacuums have Direct Drive Belt-less Agitator; Quite-guard; Gentle Sweep Technology; intelligent-CLEAN.

The Kenmore name first appeared on a Sears appliance, a sewing machine, in 1913.  In 1927 they added the brand name to their wringer washers.   Washers didn’t show up in Sears catalogs until after 1927.  In 1932 Kenmore brand came out with a vacuum cleaner and in 1933 they came out with the Toperator – the first agitator washer. In 1936 Sears sold 1 their millionth Kenmore appliance.  During WWI they stopped production of appliances for the general public.    After the war Sears/Kenmore introduced appliances in bright colors in the their Harmony House line.  In 1949 Kenmore launched a machine that dried clothes.   1951 launched dishwashers.  In 1957 the 10 millionth Kenmore appliance was sold and the “Wash and Wear” cycle was introduced on washers.    As of 1995 60% of Americans had a Kenmore product in their home.

1970 introduced the Kenmore trash compactor and in 1971 the microwave oven.

In 1978 the 50 millionth Kenmore appliance was sold.  1985 Kenmore was the top brand in sales of black lacquer appliances.  1987 marked the makers 60th anniversary.

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